Turn odors on your household appliances

Turn odors on your household appliances

Household appliances of all shapes can smell as a result of constant use. The cause of these odors can be one of many things, but often involves the build up of mold and bacteria. We understand the consequences that smell and the factors that cause them may have on your devices.

That is why we have chosen five common household appliances that are likely to suffer from odor and explain the steps you can take to beat unpleasant smells. so by no means are the five devices ...


Your dishwasher is a device that can have many bacteria and bacteria, especially because of food scrapes and remains often remain on pots, pans, plates and bowls when placed inside it.

While it may seem that these small pieces of food will not cause any problems to your device, they may eventually build up and lead to a number of problems. From blockages in pipes and filters, by leakage.

Another problem that the build up of food and such garbage can have on your dishwasher is the release of bad smells. While many of us would like to think that after a wash cycle has been completed the smells will disappear, they are still likely to be there.

To help remove bad odors from your dishwasher, it is recommended to perform regular maintenance wipes containing Limescale and Detergent - which gives the dishwasher a deep cleanliness.

The remover helps to kill bacteria and reduce the faint smell of your appliance by cleaning and cleaning all interior parts of the dishwasher. If used regularly, the remover can also help extend the life of your devices while reducing energy consumption.


Your food is under heavy pressure during the daily preparation of your family's meals, and as food waste and splatters build up, smell can occur - which in turn can contaminate the gourmet dishes you cook.

To prevent odor build-up in your stove, regular cleaning of the appliance is a must, and a large amount of detergents are available, including the Indesit oven detergent, oven cleaning kits and cleaning sprays.

For a more thorough cleaning to remove bad odors from your refrigerator, consider using the Electrolux Cooker Care Pack, which consists of:

I) Oven Cleaner - Designed to remove grease and burns on food from ovens, shelves and electric grills.

II) Stainless steel protection - cleans and protects all stainless steel surfaces, removes dirt and dirty fingerprints.

III) Hob Cleaner - As with the oven cleaner, it has been designed to remove grease and burns on food.

IV) Pouring scraper - helps scrape away burnt on food residue from ceramic hobs.


An appliance used daily, but very few of us pay too much attention to is the fridge. We trust the fridge to keep our food cool and fresh longer; but from time to time the food we hold in the refrigerator can destroy or spill, which leads to odor.

To deal with these smells, the first thing we recommend is to give the fridge a thorough cleaning, including all shelves. Once the refrigerator has been cleaned, placing a refrigerator deodorizer will help keep bad odors in the lake longer, while helping to prevent cross contamination of food flavors.

Washing machine:

The washing machine, a device you rely on to clean your dirty laundry and not a device that you expect to produce odor. But as with all appliances that use water, a build up of mold and bacteria can occur, while those living in hard water areas are likely to suffer from lime, all of which can cause smell to occur.

However, managing the construction of such odors does not have to be a difficult task. Even the simplest solutions can help to significantly remove odor in your device.

We recommend that you perform regular maintenance wipes at the hottest temperature and also with a descaler in the process, which helps to clean all internal parts and extend the appliance.

Vacuum cleaner:

When it comes to cleaning, your vacuum cleaner is an important device. However, because you work with a lot of dirt, your vacuum can start to give a strong, unpleasant odor - especially if you do not clean the filter regularly.

If your vacuum starts to give out odor, we recommend not just emptying the vacuum bag / dust bin; but we also recommend that you clean or replace the filters. Once the two tasks have been completed, empty a vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner / dust bin.

Using such cleaners on your household appliances not only helps prevent odor build-up, but it also helps extend the life of the device in question, saving you both short and long term.

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